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The iText 7 Suite refers to the complete line of products that comprises iText 7 Core and its add-ons. iText 7 Suite is a PDF library that allows you to seamlessly embed PDF functionality into your software or workflow.

iText SDK available on AWS

iText 7 is now available on the AWS Marketplace. iText 7 Suite BYOL offers a wide range of common PDF tasks for developers to use at their utmost convenience using the REST API.

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Why use iText 7 Suite?

iText 7 was built on nearly a decade of lessons learned from iText 5 (and iTextSharp) development. It is a simpler, more performant and extensible library that is ready to handle the increased challenges of today's document workflows, one add-on at a time.

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Modular structure and intuitive APIs

  • Future extensibility.
  • Gentle learning curve with extensive documentation and examples

Customizable and extensible

  • Comprehensive out of the box functionality, with the flexibility to extend and customize.
  • Focus on easy integration and open standards.

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Latest standards and best practices

  • Unicode for bookmarks, PDF names, PDF strings, passwords, etc.
  • Up to date hashing and encryption algorithms for digital signatures and document security.
  • Support for multi-gigabyte files and documents with thousands of pages.

iText 7 Suite includes

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iText 7 Core

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Want to generate and manipulate your PDFs with an open source (AGPL) or commercially licensed PDF library and SDK? Get started with iText 7 today!
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iText pdfOCR offers Optical Character Recognition functionality to convert your scanned documents, PDFs and images into fully searchable PDF/A-3u compliant format making it possible to access and process the text they contain.
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pdfHTML convert HTML to PDF pdfHTML provides the engine to convert HTML to PDF
Easily convert HTML and CSS into PDF documents, use pdfHTML for out-of-the-box solutions.
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To program dynamic PDFs for iText 7, needs an iText commercial license.
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pdfCalligraph, an iText 7 add-on, allows you to unlock advanced workflow features in PDF typography.
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iText pdf2Data

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iText pdf2Data is a solution to easily recognize and extract data from documents. It offers a framework to intelligently recognize data inside PDF documents, based on selection rules that you define in a template.
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pdfRender: convert PDF to image easily and quickly
pdfRender is an iText 7 Core add-on that allows you to generate images from PDFs, effectively converting a PDF to an image so you can create PDF file renders for your displaying needs, or to ensure compatibility with archival and legacy workflow requirements.
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pdfOptimizer is a Java and .NET add-on for the iText 7 Core PDF library that allows developers to easily optimize PDFs for size or speed, by giving them fine-grained control over various optimization options.
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