iText 5 XML Worker

iText’s XML Worker, built on top of iText Core's foundation, can convert XHTML content to PDF and can also process other file types to HTML as an intermediary step.

Features and benefits

  • HTML is by far the most widely used format on the web. Many companies have HTML content they want to archive sooner or later. For this, PDF is an ideal format.

  • Compliance with international standards.

  • Security, full content and author tracking.

  • Consistent appearance on all devices.

  • Ability to add notes and feedback within the document.

  • Easy and time-saving document navigation.

XML Worker

Have you already considered iText 7?

While iText 5 already gained fame as one of the world's most widely used and documented SDKs for adding rich PDF functionalities to applications, iText 7 has upped the ante. It offers the following advantages over iText 5:

  • Superior performance: the perfect technology for high-volume document projects.
  • Easier PDF program creation and editing through a greatly improved document model, lay-out engine, and APIs.
  • Future-ready technology with support for PDF 2.0.
  • Extendability for value-added capabilities such as content removal, real-time debugging, advanced typography, e-invoicing, etc.