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손쉽게 PDF를 처리, 프로그래밍, 생성 및 조작하기 위한 강력한 툴킷이며, Java 및 .NET 개발자뿐만 아니라 비즈니스 및 IT 관리자에게도 유용합니다.
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우리 소프트웨어 툴킷은 사용자에게 세계에서 가장 잘 문서화되고 가장 다재다능한 PDF 엔진(Java 및 .NET으로 작성)을 제공하고, 또한 PDF 기능을 워크플로 뿐만 아니라 애플리케이션이나 프로세스, 제품에도 통합할 수 있도록 해줍니다.


pdfHTML convert HTML to PDF pdfHTML provides the engine to convert HTML to PDF
HTML 및 CSS를 PDF 문서로 손쉽게 변환, 독창적인 솔루션을 위해 또는 자체적으로 pdfHTML 사용.
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pdfSweep icon svg
PDF 문서를 나누거나 병합하고, PDF 문서에서 데이터를 안전하게 삭제(편집)할 수 있습니다.
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iText 커뮤니티 지원

끊임없이 성장하는 커뮤니티의 지원

우리는 언제나 제품, 문서, 지원 향상을 돕는 활동적인 파트너, 고객, 기여자 커뮤니티를 보유하고 있습니다. 이 분들은 우리 iText 가족입니다. 여러분도 우리 가족의 일원이 되길 바랍니다.

iText Community Support for the open source  iText pdf library

Convert from HTML to PDF

Create professionally formatted, smart PDF documents with pdfHTML. Convert HTML into standards compliant, accessible, and searchable PDFs.

Multiple language and writing systems support

pdfCalligraph enables multiple language support. Automatically detect writing systems and make intelligent glyph substitutions using script and font information.

Redact PDF content

Safely and securely redact content in PDFs using pdfSweep. Automate the redaction process, to eliminate manual document processing and data leaks.

Flatten XFA forms

pdfXFA enables dynamic PDF generation and flattening of dynamic PDF forms. Use XFA templates to render XML data to PDF, and preprocess XFA forms for PDF workflows.

Powerful PDF debugging

Analyze partial and unfinished documents during their creation with pdfDebug. Integrates into your IDE to view internal structure of your PDF files.

Digital Signatures

Increase document security in contracts, non-disclosure agreements etc. Ensure document integrity to prove there have been no unauthorized changes.

Automate PDF generation

IText enables the automatic generation of multiple types of documents, such as invoices, statements, boarding passes etc. as PDF.

Automate PDF processing

Extract data PDF documents such as invoices, reports, forms etc. with pdf2Data. Recognize data inside PDFs based on pre-defined templates.

Modify PDF structure

Split and merge PDFs, add text or other content such as barcodes, image, watermarks and stamps to documents.

Customize PDFs with programming

Optimize your PDF workflow by using Java or .NET to program PDFs that perfectly fit your document needs.

Compliant with modern standards

iText supports PDF 2.0 and enables you to use PDF/A for long-term archiving and create accessible PDF/UA documents.

Flexible licensing options

iText gives you the choice of either using it for free under the conditions of an AGPL license, or a commercial license option if you prefer.

Use data-driven templates for PDF forms

Simplify the process of creating multiple data-driven templates with iText DITO and save valuable development time and resources.

Blockchain technology integration

Secure and authenticate digital invoices, contracts, tenders and more by storing the digital signatures in a Blockchain, rather than in documents.

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행복한 고객

We chose iText over other open source solutions because it was really quick and easy to develop our application using iText. That's thanks to the guides and documentation available on the iText website, and the many examples on developer communities like Stack Overflow.

I just wanted to let you know that the support I received from your support people was excellent, super prompt, detailed, polite and helpful. Great job! Thanks very much.

iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

We chose the iText library because it was the only solution that allowed easy integration into our open standards architecture.

With iText we have the peace of mind that we are delivering a solid solution to our client.


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