Best in Biz Awards International

Silver: Product of the Year 2015 (small or medium business)

August 2015: iText wins a Silver Best in Biz International Award in the category Product of the Year.
Best in Biz

"Best in Biz Awards International"​ is an independent, international business awards program. Best in Biz Awards 2015 International honors are presented in a range of categories, including fastest-growing company of the year, most innovative company of the year, enterprise product of the year and best new product of the year.

Journalists and contributors to business, consumer, financial, trade and technology publications, as well as broadcast outlets and analyst firms, serve as judges each year. Structured this way, Best in Biz Awards is able to leverage the experience and expertise of an influential group of global opinion makers to determine award winners.

iText won second prize (Silver) in the category "Product of the Year 2015" (small or medium business).


Best in Biz Awards International
Best in Biz
Best in Biz


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