Meet the iText superfigs and name them!

Many people all over the world have already experienced the magic of our minifigs at events and shows. Today, we're proud to introduce our superfigs, super-sized models of our traditional iText goodies. Each one of our offices has a superfig: the girl resides in Belgium, the boy with the blue cap is located in Singapore and the boy with the orange cap lives in Boston. But they lack names! That's where you come in. Whether you are a longtime iText user, a new customer or someone who is part of the wider PDF community, you can vote on the final names of our superfigs. Voting ends on September 15. To get a sense of these superfigs' personalities, here they are:

Singapore Boy is an optimist by nature. He likes sitting out in the sun, drinking tea and contemplating his next coding job. When he's not writing elegant lines of code or seeing friends, he sits at home and tries out new recipes with varying degrees of success. His dream is to one day own a talking parrot.

Boston Boy can't sit still. His hobbies include hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and long-distance running. His PDF skills are unrivaled, and he frequently contributes to interesting solutions for unique issues people run into on StackOverflow. It's best not to get on his bad side, however.

The world is Belgium Girl's oyster. The world's capitals and monuments hold no secrets to her, though she prefers cool places as she gets sunburn easily. Thanks to her iText skills, she runs all her administrative tasks like taxes, application forms and bills smoothly, leaving her with enough time to pursue her traveling dreams.