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e-Justice Belgium: JustX program

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Bridging the gaps between citizens and services

CSC was asked to create a new national central database for the JustX program of the Belgian government, e-Justice Belgium. Main goals were to prevent human errors and reduce the time spent on routine tasks.

Using iText, CSC was able to add the possibility to transform scanned physical documents into PDF with structured data, and to flatten complex dynamic forms (of the e-registry of Belgian business start-ups) into reliable PDFs, at high speed.


JustX: justice in the 21st century

The Belgian government set up the JustX program to streamline interaction between Belgian citizens and its Department of Justice. At the time, a lot of antiquated judiciary applications were used that had no interaction, let alone integration. There was a lack of standardized processes as well, impeding data exchange with other parties (e.g. government divisions, citizens, law enforcement).

To make a clean break with this, JustX had three clear goals:

  • A central justice database

  • An automatic feed of conviction records

  • An automatic feed of the fine database at the DoJ (Department of Justice)


One central database

CSC was called in to create the new, national central database, which would be used by all of Belgium’s national courts of appeal. The database and its applications had to prevent human error and reduce the amount of time spent on routine tasks.

Full e-registry

Belgian business start-ups can use the e-registry application to submit data to the DoJ, who receive their data in XML. Through an automated process, which involves applications at the Department of Economy, an act deposit at the DoJ, legal activation and an extract publication in the Belgian Monitor, start-ups receive their business registry number and they are ready to go. Incredibly, this process only takes a few minutes.

Offered solution

  • One central database: CSC relied on iText for the crucial part of transforming scanned physical documents into PDF files with structured data.

  • Full e-registry: The DoJ relies on iText to turn the XML data into flattened and long term activation ready PDF/A documents. CSC chose iText as one of the few PDF libraries than can flatten complex dynamic forms into reliable PDFs, at high speed.


We chose the iText library because it was the only solution that allowed easy integration in to our open standards architecture, could flatten dynamic forms based on XML data, and offer a high-fidelity solution to wrap structured data around scanned PDF.

Pieter Robberechts,
Project Manager Public Sector, CSC


Benefits at a glance:

  • More easily accessible criminal record data

  • Faster creation of enterprises

  • More time spent on productive tasks

  • Fewer human-induced errors

Future plans for the e-Justice project involve a rollout of a digital signature program to guarantee documents’ authenticity. In this field, iText once more hopes to prove its expertise.

2 x
easier accessible data
2 x
faster generation
2 x
more productive tasks completed
2 x
less human-induced errors


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