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The iText 7 PDF library suite is comprised of both open source AGPL and closed source technology. It consists of the 100% open source iText 7 Core library, with both open and closed source add-ons offered as optional components. 

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Try out the full iText 7 suite, including all open and closed source add-ons

If you wish to try out the full iText 7 suite (including all open and closed source add-ons), we offer a 30-day free trial. 

With the trial, you can test iText 7 and all add-ons to discover how they fit your needs, while keeping your IP safe under iText’s commercial license.

Our free trial includes:

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How does your free trial work? 

For 30 days you can try out the iText 7 Suite - totally free - under the terms of iText’s commercial license. Learn more about our licensing options here.

After 30 days, your trial will revert to our AGPL open source version and closed source add-ons will stop working. 

Please note that the iText 30-days free trial is only intended for evaluation purposes and is prohibited from use in a production environment. 

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We asked our customers and contributors to share their story with you, and how iText PDF has helped them leverage their projects.

Smart Certificate 2.0 - Issue and share certified and trusted digital documents

CVTrust developed their Smart Certificate platform which enables institutions to digitally issue certified and trusted documents that are checkable in a click. They integrated iText 7 into their improved Smart Certificate 2.0 platform.
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Fast template development for health reporting with iText DITO

Health report template creation
New Ocean Health Solutions is a software design and development company that delivers an Enterprise Health Management platform to address lifestyle management and chronic conditions, the costliest aspects of healthcare. This case study describes how iText DITO saved them invaluable time and resources for report template generation.
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500% increase in speed for Common App's application processing

The Common Application PDF processing
Common App used iText to process millions of college applications swiftly and proficiently for their member colleges and universities, making their enrollment and admission decisions more efficient than ever.
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Satisfied Customers

Using the iText DITO Editor to develop our report templates is a huge time saver. I can now do in just 45 minutes what would have taken over two weeks to do in code using other PDF libraries!
We chose iText over other open source solutions because it was really quick and easy to develop our application using iText. That's thanks to the guides and documentation available on the iText website, and the many examples on developer communities like Stack Overflow.
I just wanted to let you know that the support I received from your support people was excellent, super prompt, detailed, polite and helpful. Great job! Thanks very much.
iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

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