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These examples were written in the context of the Help, I only see blank pages in my PDF tutorial.
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I am trying to draw lines on image that needs to be added to a document, just like we draw graphics on paint event of any control. How is this done?
I want to add a text watermark to an image. How can I do that?
When I try to convert a specific tiff file to PDF, the following exception occurs: java.lang.RuntimeException: Scanline must begin with EOL code word. I can open the tiff file in any image viewer, so it's valid.
Recently I am tasked with reducing the file sizes of PDF generated from blank office documents. The images are mostly blank, but they have a variety of company letterheads (in color), borders and footers. Some are generated by software (and therefore have very clean pixels), others are scanned by desktop scanners. Being "blank", what I mean is center part of the page (two inches away from each margin) will be absolutely blank and white.
I need to precisely position an image over a table, for example: Observe that the image overlays a specific set of rows and columns: it overlays row 5 and row 13 partially, and rows 8-12 completely; it also overlays columns C and D partially. In other words, I want to say that the top-left of the image should be in the cell C5, and 4pt below and 6pt to the right of the top-left of C5. How do I do this? I thought I'll add the text to the table, add the table to the Document, and then query the table to get the absolute positions of the rows and columns, and then add the image to the ...
I am currently using iText to generate PDF reports. I want to set a medium size image as a background in PdfPCell instead of using background color. Is this possible?