IText becomes Belgium’s National Public Champion in the 2016 European Business Awards

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The European Business Awards announced their winners in each of the 33 participating countries for National Public Champions, and for Belgium, this was iText!

We like to think of it a little like the Eurovision Song Contest but without the kitsch and the ludicrous hair, replaced with innovation and successful growth for European companies (but we do think our hair is looking pretty nice today). This honor gets iText, who defeated nine other Belgian companies, into the second round where it will run against the other National Public Champions for the European Public Champion title.

“We owe this to our customers and friends, obviously,” says iText’s founder and CSO Bruno Lowagie. “We have a vibrant community of users, which contributes greatly to the popularity of our solution. And it seems our community has come through to support us. Thanks so much.”

If you voted for iText in the first round, Thank you! All voting is re-set for round two, so you can vote again or for the first time if you wan to help get iText named European Public Champion 2016. The final winner will be announced as the ‘European Public Champion’ at a Gala Event on June 17 in Milan, Italy. Go here to cast your vote for us! Don't forget to confirm via e-mail.