Release of open source version for pdfHTML, pdfSweep, pdfInvoice and pdfDebug

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Good news for our community of developers!

We've decided to make our iText 7 add-ons pdfHTML, pdfSweep, pdfInvoice and pdfDebug open source under the AGPL license - as was already in place for iText 7 Community.

You asked, and we listened. We agree that there is a lot of value in having access to add-ons and we hope that you will be able to develop proof of concepts and projects more quickly, having the source code available to inspect or improve in case you hit a challenge.

For the open source community in particular, we want to enable you to build on top of our add-ons and integrate these easily into your open source projects. We hope you will share your feedback and improvements resulting from these projects will us, in order to benefit other developers and iText implementations. We're already looking forward to it!

Excited to get started?



Read more about how you can contribute to iText and how to get started with the open source version in Java or .NET.