iText 7 Core

iText 7 is a powerful PDF Toolkit for PDF generation, PDF programming, handling & manipulation. The preferred PDF engine for Java and .NET developers, small Enterprises as well as large Corporations and Government institutions. 

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* For a quick evaluation of the pdf2Data template editor and data extraction results, you can use this  pdf2Data online demo

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Why use iText 7 Core?

With iText 7 Core you don't have to worry about PDF technologies and standards, you can just focus on your business needs and document content. At the same time your development team has full access to all internal PDF structures, offering them the possibility to read, insert, update and delete any PDF object they want. In addition to this, they can benefit from our rich and up-to-date technical documentation in the Resource Center.

Core Capabilities of iText 7 Core

iText 7 Core is a straightforward, performant and extensible library that is ready to handle the challenges of today's digital document workflows. Embed iText 7 Core’s code libraries in applications to create the type of PDF files you want. Whether you’re creating batches of files automatically to add to a digital archive or you want to set up a form campaign for your customers, iText 7 can help you get it right.