Release iText 5.5.10

iText 5.5.10 is a maintenance release that rolls up 112 commits since last release.

Release iText 7.1.3

iText 7.1.3 is the third maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.1.0, pdfSweep to 2.0.2, pdfCalligraph and pdfInvoice to 2.0.1, and our License Key Library and Volume License Key Library to 3.0.3.

Can I change the page count by changing internal metadata?

Where can I read more about the internal structure of a PDF document?

What is causing syntax errors in a page created with iText?

The document prints fine, so why do I get an error?

Release iText 5.5.9

Release of new version 5.5.9 of iText 5 Core, containing numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Release iText 5.5.8

We are now releasing iText 5.5.8 and we've reorganized the source code. The projects itextpdf, pdfa, xtra, and xmlworker, are now all in one place: itext/itextpdf.

What is causing syntax errors in a page created with iText?

If my document prints fine, but why do I get an error?

Release iText 5.5.5

We're launching the release of iText 5.5.5 on iText's 15th birthday. Why? Discover more...

Release iText 5.5.3

In the previous release, we focused on XML Worker parsing HTML and CSS. For this release, we focused mainly on XFA Worker. XFA is a closed source add-on written on top of iText.

Release iText 5.5.1

For this release, we've invested in even more development of XFA Worker, including tagged PDF functionality. Offering the possibility to generate PDF/A and PDF/UA documents from XFA forms.

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