Welcome, iText 7 early adopter

Start implementing the future of PDF today!

iText is preparing the next generation of our PDF Library, and you can help us shape it! As an exclusive early adopter, you'll be in close touch with us as we move in the furniture, create the insulation and paint the walls of our new libraries. iText 7 was redesigned from the ground up and is due to officially launch somewhere in the next few months. Our early adopter program runs from February 1 to March 28, 2016.



You can reach our support team through our online support system (Jira). To create a support ticket, use the Jira web interface or send a mail to itext7test@itextpdf.com. Please create your tickets in the dedicated iText 7 Early Adopters project, in order to distinguish them from regular support requests.

Code samples

We have hundreds of code examples available that demonstrate the iText 7 functionality.
They can be found in the iText 7 samples Git repository.
These examples are based on the iText 5 examples from iText in Action, 2nd edition and the iText 5 sandbox examples. Comparing the iText 5 examples and the iText 7 examples will help you in migrating an existing iText application.

API documentation: iText 7 Javadocs (work in progress)

Downloads: iText 7 Early Adopters download

Requirements to be an early adopter

  • Develop your PDF project in a Java environment.

  • Sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

  • Provide feedback on a regular basis to iText technical team.

  • Implement between February 1 and March 28, 2016.

iText 7 benefits in a nutshell:

  • Superior performance: up to 50% faster than iText 5, making it the perfect technology for high-volume document projects

  • Easier PDF program creation and editing through a greatly improved document model, lay-out engine, and APIs

  • Advanced typography for superior support of non-western languages, kerning and stylistic ligatures

  • Future-ready technology with industry-leading support for PDF standards (including PDF 2.0), and extendability for value-added capabilities such as redaction, structure recognition and e-invoicing