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iText DITO® – Powering the digital future of civil records in Belgium

Digital storage and distribution of information is the future. That’s why the DABS (Databank voor de Akten van Burgerlijke Stand or Database of Civil Registry Records) project was initiated by the Belgian government. This cooperative project between the Department of Justice, Department of Internal Affairs (including the National Register), Department of Foreign Affairs, Municipalities and Consulates and many other government departments is an initiative that has been coordinated by the Dienst Administratieve Vereenvoudiging (DAV) or Administrative Simplification Service.

Read on to learn how iText DITO® is being used to revolutionize citizen certification inside (and outside) Belgium.
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Some example Smart Certificates

Smart Certificate 2.0: cree y comparta documentos digitales certificados y fiables

CVTrust desarrolló su plataforma Smart Certificate, que permite a instituciones emitir y compartir digitalmente documentos de gran fidelidad, certificados y verificables con un solo clic. Integraron iText 7 en su plataforma Smart Certificate 2.0 mejorada.



Utilizar iText 7 y la API de GlobalSign para Smart Certificate 2.0 nos permite generar documentos PDF de forma masiva y firmarlos con certificados de GlobalSign.

David Goldenberg, fundador y CEO de CVTrust 

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