System Integrator Series Conclusion: national digital identity program business opportunities

Thu - 10/15/2020

Debunking the common misconception where national digital identity programs are only about digital signing documents.

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ConclusionThis article is an integral part of a larger blog post series across several weeks on System Integrators and national digital identity programs. This series discusses the opportunities for System Integrators to create new business and integrate the digital document workflows of their customers, in the private and public sectors, with these national programs.

We can conclude that secure generation and handling of PDF documents is an absolute necessity for any software development team. Now, more than ever before, digital signing of PDFs will be in high demand due to the surge in national digital identity programs.

Yet we should also debunk a common misconception that national digital identity programs are only about digitally signing documents. Such a narrow focus ignores the fact that there is much more to it. Today's businesses will also need fully automated digital document workflows before they can integrate optimally with national digital identity programs. The creation, manipulation and processing of digital documents are everyday demands… It doesn’t begin and end with digital signing only.

We can testify that many System Integrators choose to work with a proven and existing technology like iText. Why? Because it saves them enormous amounts of development time and effort by flattening the learning curve, freeing up more time for example, to focus on the API of a national digital identity program. The iText 7 SDK makes developing a PDF document workflow easier by providing high-level APIs in addition to low-level document manipulation capabilities.

Yet iText also offers a low-code option for PDF creation and production with iText DITO, meaning users with little or no developer experience can also participate in the design and generation of documents leading to a more collaborative approach to process automation and digital transformation. With its intuitive template designer, you can quickly define the visual layout for generated PDFs, while also using data binding to link elements in your templates to insert and manipulate data. And with a powerful API for PDF generation built on iText 7’s renowned high-volume document production capabilities, you can be assured it is capable of meeting your needs. Plus, it is simply easy to use!

The conclusion is simple. First, businesses must make sure they have their document workflows digitized and fully automated, before they can begin exchanging the secure online documents enabled by national digital identity programs. Once these authenticated digital documents can be easily digitally signed and processed more efficiently, in much less time, it will increase your potential for new business generation.

This concludes our series for System Integrators, feel free to read them again, we've listed them below. Or read the interview with DXC, a renowned global System Integrator, about the cooperation with iText on Automating Document Workflows.

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