System Integrator Series: Introducing 5 reasons why a global surge in national digital identity programs requires Digital Document Workflow reviews.

Mon - 09/07/2020

Integrations with these national gateways present new business opportunities for System Integrators.

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This article is an integral part of a larger blog post series across several weeks on System Integrators and National Digital Identity Programs. This series discusses the opportunities for System Integrators to create new business and integrate the digital document workflows of their customers, in the private and public sectors, with these national programs.

Around the world policy makers are keen on their country becoming a ”Smart Nation” because it’s beneficial to their economy. By making it easier to share and access data, it increases the scope for economic growth thanks to a faster and more efficient exchange of digital documents between governments, businesses and citizens. And an important part of this digital revolution is the introduction of digital identities.

The EMEA and APAC regions both have countries which are at the global forefront of National Digital Identity innovation: Estonia with eID and Singapore with NDI. Other countries and unions are following suit, albeit at different stages of development. Thailand's Digital ID Bill, Aadhaar in India, eID and Itsme® in Belgium, NemID in Denmark, DNIe in Spain, and Europe's Single Digital Gateway are only a small selection of the Digital IDs and National Digital Identity Programs being rolled out worldwide.

The time where a sleek looking physical ID card containing a chip was considered innovative lies in the past.

However, the time where a sleek looking physical ID card containing a chip was considered innovative lies in the past. Today, governments are creating fully-fledged secure digital gateways with APIs that enable private businesses to access personal data from citizens, often with mobile-first authentication and consent. And that is exactly where huge opportunities for new business are becoming possible for any System Integrator, as long as they pro-actively prepare and introduce the possibilities to their customers. Customers who can benefit greatly from implementing integrations with these national gateways in their organizations, whether governmental or private.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts aimed at System Integrators, introducing 5 important key reasons why SIs are, and should be, preparing for a surge in national digital identity programs and why it will impact document workflows at every private business or governmental institution.

Let's start with the first of 5 reasons, where we will convince you about this new market potential for both SIs and customers. Or read the interview with DXC, a renowned global System Integrator, about the cooperation with iText on Automating Document Workflows.

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