System Integrator Series: Reason 1/5: Enormous new market potential for both SIs and Customers due to national digital identity programs

Tue - 09/08/2020

An enormous user convenience for any customer. Generating more incoming business at a higher rate.

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Reason 1

This article is an integral part of a larger blog post series across several weeks on System Integrators and national digital identity programs. This series discusses the opportunities for System Integrators to create new business and integrate the digital document workflows of their customers, in the private and public sectors, with these national programs.

Let’s start with the first reason why SIs should consider the enormous new market potential. Have a look at the ecommerce sector. Those businesses who fail to implement and support the online payment platform most frequently used in a country will lose market share. Customers will purchase the identical product elsewhere at a web shop which does support their payment method. (Mastercard, PayPal, etc.) The choice for a Payment platform integration is very country dependent, just like national digital identity programs are. Organizations who fail to support National Digital Identity platforms risk becoming perceived as ‘’that foreign company” and could lose market share just like an ecommerce shop which only offers foreign payment platforms unknown in your country.

In fact, businesses who implement these governmental authentication gateways for citizens create an enormous user convenience for any customer. Generating more incoming business at a higher rate.

The head of e-business at OCBC Bank Singapore, one of the largest banks in APAC, said that before they had NDI integration, it took customers an average of 2 to 3 working days to open an account. Thanks to the integration the same application was cut to under 5 minutes. Their digital applications went up 3 times in the months following the integration and 80% of those applications were using the authentication gateway from the government.

Integrating with national digital identity programs demands a certain level of technical expertise, this means many private businesses will be looking for a System Integrator who knows the ins and outs of their national program and is capable of helping them with the integration of their software with the program.

The System Integrator who possesses this knowledge and markets this best to private businesses creates a big new business driver to win new projects at existing and new clients. It strongly differentiates them from any direct competitors in a very new market segment.

Aside of showboating the certifications your developers have achieved during big pitches, proving SIs know their way around national digital identity programs has also become a decisive argument in convincing clients to work together.

Stay tuned for our next reason next week, where we will talk about High adoption rates for national digital Identity programs cause high demand for digital document workflow integrations. Or read the interview with DXC, a renowned global System Integrator.

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