System Integrator Series Reason 3/5: Strict screening and lengthy application procedures for national digital identity program integrations.

Tue - 09/22/2020

Train and educate beforehand on the involved National Digital Identity program

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This article is an integral part of a larger blog post series across several weeks on System Integrators and national digital identity programs. This series discusses the opportunities for System Integrators to create new business and integrate the digital document workflows of their customers, in the private and public sectors, with these national programs.

Integrating digital document workflows with national digital identity programs is one thing. But once ready you need to submit the software for review.

Compare it with submitting a new app to any app store (Google, Apple, etc.) for approval. Those with development experience will tell you the app will be going back and forth a couple of times (due to a wide range of audit reasons) before it’s approved. The same thing is to be expected when working with national digital identity programs.

System Integrators realize their clients will have to pass strict screening and lengthy application procedures before being allowed to link up with the API of a government. And that takes time which is much harder to predict and estimate compared to software development time. Which means SIs need to calculate ample time when starting on projects like these. Communicating this crucial difference in time spend to their customers. Because SIs have control over one thing, which is their own software development time, they increase their chances to win pitches based on total lead time if they train and educate themselves beforehand on the involved National Digital Identity program and digital document workflow technologies to deliver projects like these.

It isn’t a bad idea to start refreshing PDF Signing and Security knowledge today. Often beginning with looking into implementations for existing online paperless document workflows at the client.

“To be prepared is half the victory.” as they say.

Stay tuned for our next reason next week, where we will talk about Proactive vs reactive behavior with national digital identity program integrations. Or read the interview with DXC, a renowned global System Integrator, about the cooperation with iText on Automating Document Workflows.

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