Wed - 11/01/2017

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Welcome to our quarterly newsletter!


A big thank you to our Q3 top contributors!


There are so many people that contribute information to us in order to help improve our code, products and projects. We want to make sure that our top contributors are being recognized for the help they give and that they know how much we appreciate them.

Therefore a big thank you to:

  • Elidotnet (number 2 contributor on StackOverflow)
  • Rjcohn: Richard Cohn (Adobe) (top  iText 7 Java contributor on GitHub

Keep up the great work, and we will announce our next top contributors in December!

Want to be a top contributor next quarter?

Winners are decided based on the number of questions they answer or by the impact their contribution has. 


NEW RELEASES - Open source versions


Good news!

We've decided to make our iText 7 add-ons pdfHTML, pdfSweep, pdfInvoice and pdfDebug open source under the AGPL license - as was already in place for iText 7 Community.

We believe there's a lot of value in this for you in general. You’ll be able to develop proof of concepts and projects more quickly, by having the source code available to inspect in case you find an error.

Excited to get started?


NEW RELEASES - iText 7.0.5 and add-ons


iText 7.0.5 is the latest release for Java and .NET, bringing you another maintenance release for iText 7 Core/Community

We've also updated pdfInvoice to 1.0.2, pdfSweep to 1.1.0, pdfCalligraph to 1.0.3, pdf2Data to 1.2.0 and pdfHTML to 1.0.2.

Most important changes are: 

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements (iText 7 Core/Community).
  • Khmer Support (pdfCalligraph).
  • Float elements and added support for Web Open Font Format (pdfHTML).
  • Improvements for multipage table recognition (pdf2Data).
  • Support creating Redact Annotations (pdfSweep). 
  • OSGi metadata has been added to all pom.xml files.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelogs.



Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML


Our brand new 125-page tutorial about pdfHTML consists of 7 chapters: 

  • Hello HTML to PDF
    How to convert HTML to PDF with pdfHTML.
  • Defining Styles with CSS
    How to use CSS to define styles for HTML and PDF.
  • Generating PDF based on Media Queries
    How a single HTML file can result in different PDF documents depending on Media Queries.
  • Creating reports using pdfHTML
    How data can be rendered to PDF using HTML and CSS to define the layout. Some best practices for creating industry-grade, future-proof reports, invoices, catalogues, etc. involving standards such as PDF/A and PDF/UA.
  • Custom tag workers and CSS appliers
    How you can change the inner workings of pdfHTML and adapt the way HTML tags and CSS styles are processed to your needs.
  • Using fonts in pdfHTML
    How to select fonts, use a different encoding, and create international documents with content in Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.
  • FAQ about pdfHTML.

Release of new tutorial videos


Watch our brand new tutorial videos about:


Did you see us at one of these events?


Last quarter, iText has been attending a lot of interesting events.

In August, our iText-team was invited for a full day of talks and sessions about PDF, digital signatures and e-invoicing at the ETDA Conference (Bangkok, Thailand), view the event presentations here. In October, we attended JavaOne at San Francisco.

In November, we attended the Devoxx Belgium event (November 6-10, Antwerp), and the Software Craftmanship and Testing Belgium event (November 9-12, La Roche-En-Ardenne). At Devoxx, our Joris Schellekens (Developer) had a talk about how you can build your own photo-booth, and Michaël Demey discussed the impact of GDPR on your software product. 

We hope to meet you at one of our next events.


We won a Silver Stevie, International Business Award!


iText is proud to be honored with a second Silver Stevie in the International Business Awards. This year we are recognized in the "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year- under 100 employees".

This is an exciting win for us, since we have focused on innovation in multiple areas of our business including:







Still have questions? 

We're happy to answer your questions. Reach out to us and we'll get back to you shortly.

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